Friday, November 30, 2012

Gillard 1 Libs 0

Fairfax just won't give up its line that Gillard has had political damage from the AWU scandal (nothing to do with Rinehart buying a holding in Fairfax, oh no) but what I saw was the prime minister kicking Tony Abbott's arse all over parliament.

This article is typical of the nonsense commentators write here. Gillard has been honest and fairly forthright throughout, and where she hasn't answered questions, they've been of the "how long have you been beating your wife?" type.

The opposition has worked very hard to bring Gillard down. It thought it had something it could create enough sleaze and smear around to do her damage (it's juicy: she helped set up an association that was used as a slush fund for a union, and the official that ran it embezzled tons of money from it, and even better, one of the guys involved was at the time her boyfriend) but Gillard has not been, as they hoped, buried under a mountain of bullshit. She has been helped by having the truth on her side, but she's a canny, fierce politician, more than a match for Abbott and his henchwoman, Julie Bishop.

You might ask whether the opposition would have been better off creating the policies that they will put before us next year, but they are all too aware that their policies will not be any more popular than Labor's, and their plan is clearly to run on a platform of "We're not Labor".

Abbott himself horrifies the left (and much of the centre too). He's a womanhating schmuck, who aims at being a typical Aussie bloke, and sadly hits the mark all too well. He's all that's wrong with Australia, and it's a great sadness that this country is so full of hatred and fear that he actually resonates with so many people here.


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