Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About A

You know how some people just toil away in your life? They love you and they give and you rarely get the chance to give back (or if you give back, you don't really realise you are doing it). Being a parent mostly puts you in that role, but we all (I hope it's all of us) have people who work to make us happy, without show or fuss, they just do it. You hope that your partner will be one of them, but they aren't always, and I think in that case you appreciate even more those who are there for you.

Which is a long way round saying that I wanted to make a note of appreciation for A, who has been there for me, despite having more than enough in her own life to concern her, and has given me far more than she has ever had in return.

I have never met, and probably will never meet, A in the flesh, but it's a sign of our times and how we live that she is as good a friend as I've had in this life. I would never willingly let her go.

And how did that happen? Well, you know the good thing about A? There are no fullstops for her. She has made no conclusions and doesn't count anything out. I don't think she actually realises that is true about her, but it is. Some of us can be content because we will settle in one place or another. But some of us find it harder, because we are always wondering what else there could be, what could change, how we could more readily have what we feel we need.

You can't not like someone who has not closed the book.

As for me, I have been wearing contact lenses. I have to say, I have been feeling somewhat fresher for it.