Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You, you're not a lesbian, so shut up shut up shut up

Feminist blogs are mostly a horrid waste of time and space, because really, middle-class white girlies with lib arts jobs are not really all that oppressed, even if the Patriarchy does still run the place, but occasionally you do read something good. Check this comment out for a spectacular piece of self-hate.

The post it's attached to is worthless, obviously, and if you need that explaining, you're as big a fucking idiot as the guy who wrote it, but the guy's "rules for commenting" are hilarious. Feminism is not about making a grovelling apology for being a man.

I mean, really, is "toe the line or you don't get a say" really how we achieve "social justice"? Is that the peak of evolution (seriously, read that comment and try not to wee yourself at his self-description as a "highly-evolved gay man"; you can almost feel the chinbeard)?

Fuck the lot of them though. They aren't the women who won the sex wars and they aren't the women who are still fighting for women. They are a miserable clique of no-marks looking for way to hate and exclude others. The world's full of those but each of those cliques is kidding itself if it thinks it's actually making this a better place.


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