Sunday, January 17, 2010


So we are dancing at the casino. I don't like the music or the place, but I'm dancing because I like the woman, and maybe she is interested in me.

I'm going for a drink she says.

So I follow her, but she's moving pretty fast, and she walks past all the bars.

So fuck it. I know no woman wants me. They even run away so that they don't have the awkwardness of saying good night.

What's the point of my even bothering? No one will ever want me. I don't have enough to offer even to be worth bothering to tell me you're not interested.

Why bother doing any of this? Just accept that you are shit and you have what shit deserves.


Okay, so I've sobered up and now I'm able to laugh at it. It's all material for my memoir "How I wooed and was completely humiliated by women on several continents".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You went wrong obviously.

1)You danced like her dad.
2)She looked at your shoes and realised you couldn't afford her.
3)You didn't ask "How Much for the night" after your allotted time.
4)You really are an ugly cunt and not even a whore would offer her services.
5)You miss read the situation and she needed to get home to her husband and kids.
6)You are an ugly cunt.
7)she was your wife.
8)You had a vivid dream.


January 17, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

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