Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More war

Once again, President Obama has shown that his Nobel Peace Prize was well earned, as he took the courageous stance of pulling the tr--oh no, sorry, I have that wrong. It's a surge.

There is nothing much to say, except to express sorrow at the many lives that will be lost because yet another American war criminal has decided to pour blood and treasure into getting re-elec--sorry, pursuing America's vaguely defined goals overseas.

Next time some lunatic Islamist is murdering us in the streets, don't ask why. This is why. We do not set boundaries to our murdering of Muslims, our endless quest to "civilise" Asia and its peoples. And we suffer for it. At best we end up paying throgh the nose for these men's adventures. It doesn't matter that we demand change. What we get is the same old same old.


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