Thursday, November 26, 2009

A normal day

This is incredible and I recommend it. Wikileaks has released pager intercepts from 9/11. An ordinary morning is portrayed in pages, alerts, messages. The slow dawning of tragedy is incredible to read.

Of course, these messages will be dissected and chewed over, and "best ofs" will be printed in time (the Guardian gives some at the end of its article.

It brings home to me something I think we forget when we are all "bomb this", "attack here" or "kill the infidel". We are nearly all ordinary people going about our lives. We try to make ourselves happy, and of course that sometimes brings others unhappiness, but generally we are not trying to. We are just people who wake up on normal days, go to work, love each other, live and die in cities that sometimes others want to destroy.


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