Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chinese whisper

So, anyway, I forgot to lie on my application form for a visa for China and had to write a statement that I was only going there for tourism and not to work. Because it's the last thing China needs, rogue textbook editors running around fixing up copy.

Actually, I could do with the work. If anyone were to ask me to fix up a textbook while I was strolling the streets of Shanghai or Qingdao, I would take them up on it. I sit down at night with columns of figures: on one side, the work I can count on coming in and my current resources, on the other, the outgoings I must meet. It seems a million miles from my carefree, often broke youth. I suppose this is what "growing up" comes down to.

It has taken the shine off my trip a little, knowing that if I didn't go, I would be financially secure for the rest of the year. But uncertainty is, I suppose, part of being a freelance, and so too is being flooded or being parched. I daresay I will score a couple of projects later in the year and you will find me, come November, moaning that I just can't keep up.


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